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Windsurfing, kitesurfing

Quebramar beach is considered as one of the top spots in the World among widsurfers and kitesurfers. Steady trade wind, sandy beaches, warm water makes the place a paradise for water sports enthusiasts.

Surfing is probably the most popular sport of the region. Local surfers are the winners of regional and international events. There are lots of beaches nearby where you can always find nice waves.

Costal trips

Trip from Paracuru to Jericoacoara (famous resort 300 km from Paracuru)by 4X4 wehicles, buggies or motorbikes is considered as one of the remarcable atraction. The route is passing by nice beaches, have various crossings of the rivers, swamps… Really unforgetable experience!


There is possibility to organize 1 day fishing with a local fishermans. Costal waters are literally “full“ of various kinds of fish like Dorada, Seregada, Cavala, Tuna fish and others…The fishing you won‘t forget!


If you are fed of “running“ and city noice, Iguana Park is the place where you forget everything! You can the whole day relax reading book in a hammock, swimm in pool or take a walk to the neighbour dunes or in an andless uncrowded beach…

Kiteboarding Parracuru

Kitesurfers paradise- Paracuru is so called in a various kitesurfing magazines. There is no place in the world like Paracuru where you can expect 80-90% of windy days during the season.

August to January are the windiest months of the year. You can expect the wind of 20-30 kt in August, September, October and 12-25 kt in December and January. Conditions are from flat water in a lagoons to nice 2-3m. waves perfect for a downwind or local waveriding. There are various spots in Paracuru so actually it‘s never gets too crowded…Most popular kite size for a mid weight rider (70-80 kg) is 9 sq.m, girls would mostly be on 7m and heavy weights on 12 sq.m.