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Paracuru is a small authentic Brasilian town (30.000 inhabitants) located 80 km from Fortaleza a capital of Ceara a state located in Northeast of the country.

Paracuru is famous location among windsurfers, kitesurfers and ones looking for a non touristic, places with a untouched nature. Paracuru is belowed for an untouched sandy beaches, big dunes, nice center of the town, friendly locals and lots of day and night activities. Quebramar beach is considered as one of the top spots in the World among widsurfers and kitesurfers. Steady trade wind, sandy beaches, warm water makes the place a paradise for water sports enthusiasts.

The climat is very mild ( the air temperature is constantly around +30 C all year round), low humidity during the dry period (from August till February). Water temperature is around +27 C all year round. Region is famous for a small fisherman villages Taiba, Balea, Flexeiras and others. Trip from Paracuru to Jericoacoara (famous resort 300 km from Paracuru)by 4X4 wehicles or buggies is considered as one of the remarcable atraction.